Monday, October 18, 2010

{late summer market}

Twice a month, on Saturday mornings, I volunteer at The Stop's farmer's market, at the beautiful Wychwood Barns. I can't imagine a more rewarding way to spend a Saturday morning, than to promote the goodness of The Stop, amongst some of the city's more affluent, who can afford to donate to The Stop's great cause.

A few weeks ago, to test out my new point and shoot, I decided to bring it along. Although I was not impressed with the picture quality of the camera, and therefore eventually returning it, the bright colours of a the late summer's bounty could not be suppressed.

I cannot wait until this Saturday, to  use my new camera {for keeps this time} capture the colors of fall.


  1. That's a good P+S. I'm considering getting one myself. Something that actually fits in a pocket.

  2. I am loving the Panasonic. The picture quality is great, and I am just using the Intelligent Auto setting until I actually learn what Appature and Shutter Speed actually mean.